Google Maps' vibration feedback explained.

— updated

I've been using the walking mode in Maps for a while now, but I never really paid attention to the haptic feedback it gave me. Curiosity got the better of me, and eventually I started googling what the vibration codes meant, however, I could not find much information on the topic.

This feature isn't documented by Google, nor is it even mentioned in the settings menu or the help menu. The only acknowledgment of the existence of this feature I could find was a Reddit thread about it (the most trustworthy source of information, of course.)

After many late evening walks through Cluj-Napoca and some experimentation with the feature, I managed to figure out a pattern for the vibrations:

Those are all the vibration patterns I could find. Leave feedback on this post if you find others. Do you expect to find a back button to the homepage here? You're so privileged…